Which type of vinyl do I need?

Published by TZ on Dec 28th 2019

I want to make a car decal. What do I need to get started?

I want to make a t-shirt. What do I need?

HTV, Heat Transfer, Adhesive, Temporary, Permanent, Carrier, Transfer Tape.

All very confusing words when you are just getting started...… I remember when I was starting and I remember thinking everyone wasn't speaking my language. lol! The good news is that its really not that hard. Thankfully :)

To make a decal you need Adhesive vinyl such as our Avery Permanent Adhesive. Outdoor projects or decals for putting on cups and tumblers should be Avery or Siser. If your putting a decal on your wall or a piece of wood that will never be outside you can use a temporary adhesive. We will be getting a line of that soon  

I feel Avery Permanent Adhesive or Siser EasyPSV is a great learning point. Get the adhesive vinyl down first and then lets move on from there :) 

Good luck and welcome to this exciting new world :)