Siser EasyWeed® Glow

By day or night – your design will look just right!  The product is easy to cut and weed like the popular EasyWeed® heat transfer vinyl. This polyurethane HTV is available in white, but glows in the dark! Simply allow the vinyl to “charge” by exposing to sunlight to create the glow effect.

The more sunlight exposure the vinyl receives, the greater the glow without lighting!  This material can be layered with other Siser HTV for custom looks.  This product may be cut with a laser.  EasyWeed® Glow adds fantastic detail and safety to Halloween costumes.

Create matte glow in the dark designs on cotton, poly/cotton blends, polyester and leather. 

This product is available in 7.5" x 12" and 15" x 12" sheets