Heat Transfer

You will NEED a Teflon Sheet or Parchment paper when pressing any HTV designs onto a material. You can purchase a Teflon Sheet HERE!

 Heat transfer vinyl, or HTV for short, is a specialty vinyl that can be used on certain fabrics and materials to create custom t-shirts, headbands, jerseys, costumes, and SO much more! Each sheet comes with an attached adhesive backing ensuring the vinyl can be easily cut, weeded, and placed for heat application.

Your creativity is unlimited with various options to choose from – such as solid colors, patterns, glitter, holographic, glow-in-the dark and reflective materials are available from MI Vinyl World!

Each design requires cutting, weeding, and pressing to transfer to a final product. Multi-colored designs can be created by layering HTV material.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Brands carried by MI Vinyl World:

Specialty Materials

Specialty Materials, the creators of the popular Thermoflex Plus, continually meet and exceed the expectations of our customers with a wide variety of product lines to choose from. Specialty Materials is one of Vinyl World’s most popular brands! It has a SOFT, MATTE, and STRETCHY finish making it easy to work with, layer on, and truly brings your ideas to life!

Be sure to check out Thermoflexs line of Glitter HTV: Glitterflex Ultra

Siser Easyweed

Siser specializes in producing high-quality, cuttable heat transfer vinyl for fabric decoration. Across the world, Siser products are used by both hobby decorators and large manufacturers alike. Siser Easyweed has a SHINEY finish allowing it to stand out in a crowd!

Be sure to check out Sisers line of Glitter HTV: Siser Glitter 


Thermoflex Fashion Pattern HTV

It seriously cannot get any better than this, patterned HTV able to layered over and under other vinyls to create that perfect unique look you're going for! Whether that is brick, flowers, money, or bloody hands for halloween. We've got it all!


Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl

Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl is the BEST thing to have happened to vinyl lovers! Similar to Thermoflex Fashion Pattern HTV but includes a transfer sheet that must be applied to the 12"x12" Pattern HTV. Watch our HOW TO video on Facebook for an EASY lesson on how to master these beautiful prints!


StarCraft Inkjet Printable HTV

The perfect match - an Inkjet Printer and StarCraft Inkjet Printable HTV!

Our printable transfers are the best in the industry and we’re certain you will love our products!

Heat Transfer