ThermoFlex® Turbo

You will NEED a Teflon Sheet or Parchment paper when pressing any HTV designs onto a material. You can purchase a Teflon Sheet HERE!

Need HTV for jerseys? Turbo is what you need!

Thermoflex Turbo is what we like to call the "little brother" of Thermoflex Plus. The finish is the exact same: soft, matte, and full of stretch! The differences? Turbo is a fast press Heat Transfer Vinyl making it easy to use on materials that are easily burnable such as nylon and spandex. Turbo is also a low heat and low pressure HTV! Thermoflex Plus requires medium-high pressure and Thermoflex Turbo only needs LIGHT pressure! This is a game changer for those who have irons.

Follow press instructions in product description

Create low-heat transfers on cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends, wool, spandex, linen and nylon.

Thickness: 95 microns; manufacturing process may allow material to vary in width by 1/8” to ½”

This product is available in 7.5” x 12” and 15" x 12" sheets