Fun Heat Transfer Vinyl (Specialty Materials)



Specialty Materials continually meet and exceed the expectations of our customers with a wide variety of product lines to choose from.   Specialty Materials is one of Vinyl World’s most popular brands!


ThermoFlex® Plus

Matte, durable heat transfer vinyl 

ThermoFlex® Turbo

Matte, durable material  heat transfer vinyl – can be used with nylon 


GlitterFlex® Ultra

Thick glitter heat transfer vinyl

GlitterFlex® Ultra Perf

Breathable glitter heat transfer vinyl for large transfers

Decorative Films

FashionFlex® Puff

Heat transfer with a puff like texture

Textured Carbon Fiber

Realistic carbon fiber 

DecoFilm® Brilliants 

Metallic appearance heat transfer vinyl 

DecoFilm® Chameleon

Heat transfer vinyl changes color when applied to surface

DecoFilm® Paint FX

Car-Paint finish heat transfer vinyl

DecoFilm® Soft Metallics

Precious metal appearance heat transfer vinyl

DecoFilm® Supers

Silver and gold extra soft heat transfer vinyl

DecoSparkle® Holographic

Rainbow heat transfer vinyl with rhinestone appearance

Premium Deco Flock®

Velvety 3-D heat transfer vinyl

ThermoFlex® Fashion Patterns

Pre-printed heat transfer vinyl

Wild Fashion™ Prints

Pre-printed heat transfer vinyl


Pre-printed heat transfer vinyl

Reflection Decoration™

Heat transfer vinyl with night visibility