Adhesive Vinyl



Adhesive Vinyl is a a vinyl sheet with adhesive layer applied to one side. It comes in many colors, textures, and patterns. Ideal for basic designs that can be applied to any smooth surface.

 Here at MIVinylWorld, we carry various brands and styles, from solid matte color finishes, metallics, and unique patterns. We can provide you with the materials need to create a custom cup! We even have adhesive vinyl to make your own whiteboard or chalkboard surface!

MIVinylWorld carries the following Adhesive Vinyl Brands:


Avery Permanent Adhesive Vinyl is a 6 year outdoor permanent adhesive. Avery provides a huge variety of Pantone and unique colors featuring an enhanced shelf-life and best-in-class weeding!



Siser adhesive vinyl can be applied to almost any hard surface! The material is flexible and easy to use with glasses, mugs, ornaments or buckets.


Siser EasyPSV Glitter

Siser EasyPSV™ Glitter is simple to apply and add a luxurious touch to almost any hard object – even curvy surfaces! We’re talking plastic, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, and more! This material is a high-performer with that ability to take on any project!



StarCraft manufactures high quality permanent adhesive and printable adhesive vinyl products. Their product lines are super durable and come in great color options!


VW Removable Adhesive Vinyl

VW Adhesive Vinyl tends to be overlooked can really can add to your space while saving your walls and windows!

Removable, matte, interior and exterior (up to a year outdoor durability) vinyl. Can be used for stenciling, decals, wall graphics, and more!


Pattern Adhesive Vinyl

Can't forget this one! SO many fun colors and designs to work with.. Take a look for yourself! Permanent and work great for outdoor application as well as on cups, glass, etc.



Create shiny, metallic works of art with almost unlimited lifespans with PolyChrome Polish graphic film.



The VW Fantasy Film features Chromes, Shimmers, Oil Slicks, and MORE! PRIME SERIES will create projects that last!


Misc Adhesive Vinyl

Enjoy some of our odds & ends - I promise they're worth it! We even carry Paint Stencil vinyl that will not bleed on you, whatcha waiting for?!

Adhesive Vinyl