Adhesive Vinyl

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Adhesive Vinyl is a a vinyl sheet with adhesive layer applied to one side. It comes in many colors, textures, and patterns. Ideal for basic designs that can be applied to any smooth surface.

At MI Vinyl World, we carry various brands and styles, from solid matte color finishes, metallics, and unique patterns. We can provide you with the materials need to decorate the glass windows of your storefront! We even have adhesive vinyl to make your own whiteboard or chalkboard surface!

We carry the following Adhesive Vinyl Brands:


Perfect for applying adhesive to vinyl to smooth, non-porous surfaces, Oracal products are an industry standard in vinyl application. Oracal Adhesive Vinyl has a variety of product lines. 


Siser adhesive vinyl can be applied to almost any hard surface! The material is flexible and easy to use with glasses, mugs, ornaments or buckets.

Specialty Materials

Specialty Materials continually meet and exceed the expectations of our customers with a wide variety of product lines to choose from. Specialty Materials is one of Vinyl World’s most popular brands!

FDC & GT Ultra

FDC 3700 and GT Ultra are great for adding permanent metallic glitter. These products are great for outdoor or indoor surface. Perfect for marine or automotive applications.

Misc Adhesive Vinyl

Vinyl World has selected some of our favorite adhesive vinyl patterns from various manufacturers to make your custom projects pop with patterns and patterned glitter. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please reach out to a customer service representative.