GlitterFlex® Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Make your designs shimmer and sparkle! Achieve a similar appearance to Glitter Flex® Ultra - without the heat press! This material works well on many hard, dry surfaces, including walls, wine bottles, laptops, glasses, mirrors, and cell phones. This product is best used indoors or in indirect sunlight and washing is not recommended.

Note from MI Vinyl World:

This product is best suited for those with vinyl cutting and application experience. Test cutting is recommended – cut setting issues are not cause for refund. Vinyl World recommends this product to be cut using pressure from the back with the appropriate cutting settings to cut the carrier properly. Apply and squeegee from the back when applying the carrier sheet for best results. Your cutting tool will determine which settings to use.

On my Cameo 2 with a pro blade I am using Cardstock Glitter but turning back my blade to a 5 with generic settings for the rest. My daughter-in-law uses totally different on her Cameo 3 so it is determined by each cutter. 


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